Group Training

Use the power of numbers to help fuel your motivation.

If private training isn’t for you, our group training can also provide a unique and viable alternative. Options can include strength circuits, cycling workouts, track running, trail running, or brick workouts.

Our top priority is to provide you with a great group training experience that will help you succeed. All of our classes can be accessed through either an unlimited membership or via per-class packages. Either option allows you to easily move across all of our offerings.

Group Training in Westport, Connecticut

Strength CircuitsStrength Circuits

Strength group training circuits take you through a challenging series of exercises designed to target different muscle groups, elevate your heart rate and fatigue your muscles.

Running Track/Road RacesRunning Track/Road Races

Can’t seem to run any faster than your current pace? Our group training running program will bring you from the asphalt, to the trail and the track in combinations that will unlock a new level in your running performance.

Cycling Indoor/OutdoorCycling Indoor/Outdoor

Our cycling program encompasses both indoor and outdoor training. Group training in our state of the art cycling center will position you to enjoy your bike even more when the weather turns nice.

Triathlon Brick SessionsTriathlon Brick Sessions

For those not familiar with the term brick, it’s usually a bike/run combo. This simulates the bike-to-run transition that many think is the toughest part of the race. We’ll make that transition feel harder during training so that your race day transition will feel easy.