Greg holds a bachelors degree in exercise physiology, a masters degree in exercise science and nutrition, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the NSCA. Greg has experience working with division 1 hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball players. He also has worked with senior athletes over the age of 60. Greg believes that movement should be an integral part of everyone’s lives no matter what shape you’re in, injury you have, or setback you may be faced with. He believes that exercise is the best medicine we have available on earth, and we all have the opportunity to have fun doing it.
Previously employed at one of the most awarded hospitals in the country, Greg worked clinically at New York- Presbyterian/Weill Cornell medical college as an Exercise Physiologist. There he managed a cardiopulmonary exercise testing lab, which aided in research procedures involving cancer patients in remission from Memorial Sloan Kettering. He has extensive knowledge in cardiac, pulmonary, and muscle physiology, which he exploits through strength and endurance training as an amateur cyclist. He has been racing bikes since 2010 and is currently an active Cat 2 cyclist.


BS Exercise Physiology
MS Exercise Science & Nutrition
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, CSCS NSCA
Exercise Physiologist at Weill Cornell Medicine
Cat 2 Road Cyclist USAC