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Beyond The Gym

A Gym Without Boundaries

Make The World Your Gym

From our world class gym to the great outdoors, make your workouts interesting.

We opened our world-class facility in early 2013 and it continues to feature an equipment list a pro athlete would expect. But we also like to get outside (weather permitting) to keep things interesting. We’ll head outdoors to the parking lot, trails, stairs, roads, lakes – anywhere your sport or training regimen takes us. We know what it’s like to get bored with training, so we’ll create new workouts for you every week if necessary.

Indoor Facility

Sherpa Strength & Conditioning Studio

This is where you come to build strength, get toned, tighten the core and work on kicking ass. We go beyond the machines by taking your workouts up in both intensity and fun by using ropes, balls, jumps, elastic bands and suspension equipment. Between circuits, get ready to scratch your head and wonder, “Who thought that up?”

Indoor Facility

Sherpa Cycling Center

Here’s where you come for low impact, killer conditioning. We’ve coupled professional coaching with state of the art technology to create the best indoor cycling program in Fairfield County. Oh yeah…and the music is great too.

Indoor Facility

Sherpa Recovery Lounge

Are you ready to relax, feel lighter, and cut down on your recovery time? Pro athletes have been using a technique known as dynamic compression to recover more quickly and gain a competitive edge — it’s how they literally stay a step ahead of the competition. Sherpa is the first to bring dynamic compression to Connecticut. This system can get you ready to go again after the hardest training sessions and workouts. Stop by to learn how it works.

Outdoor Facilities

At Sherpa, we encourage you to step outside your boundaries. We’d be in contradiction with that message if the only path toward fitness that we could offer you was to enclose you within our four walls. Our Fairfield County location allows us to provide you with plenty of options and diversity to help you reach any goal.