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Better running through passionate coaching and instruction.

The focus of Sherpa’s program is to help clients learn to love running. Many people run because it’s easy to begin and it’s convenient. However, many will end up dreading their runs and will see little or no improvement. At Sherpa, we’ll teach you how to become better, how to improve your performance, and how these changes will impact your relationship with running. Sherpa’s coaching programs are designed to increase variety in your workouts and are geared to strengthen your specific weaknesses. Indoor running classes (and track workouts in the summer months) will push you to move your boundaries. You’ll work on improving your strengths and abilities to run harder and faster while bypassing injury.

any-sport-iconForm Analysis & Feedback

Receive expert feedback and correct gait imperfections that have been keeping you from more fully enjoying your runs or from breaking your PR.

running-iconTrack & Indoor Running Classes

So, does it seem you can’t run any faster than your current pace? Our program will bring you from the asphalt to the trail to the track in a combination that will unlock a new level in your performance.

weight-iconIndividualized Workouts

Run based on a program written just for you, not one for mass consumption. Our programs are designed and written around your needs, your goals, and your goal race. Don’t leave your big race in the hands of a general online program.

groupRunning Club with Team Camaraderie

Expanding your social circle and meet new friends. A group atmosphere has been shown to increase runners’ ability and performance.