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Our Story

Going Beyond

The Gym

OUR CLIENT’S GOALS ARE OUR GOALS. Our passions transfer into our services. We will help you move your boundaries and surpass your goals.

Why Sherpa?

When preparing to ascend Mt. Everest, one of the first things a climber does is hire a Sherpa. Sherpa was originally the name of an ethnic group in Nepal. Today, “Sherpa” is the common term used for the guide of a mountain climbing expedition. In fitness terms, when you hire a Sherpa, you are hiring an experienced guide to help you reach your top fitness goals.

As trainers and coaches, we become stronger guides when we think of ourselves in the role of Sherpas. Our goal is to empower our clients, not just command them. Climbers can feel vulnerable when facing treacherous and risky conditions during an ascent. That same vulnerability can be felt when you choose a new goal outside your boundaries. We can provide the courageous and thoughtful leadership to guide you.

Here are five powerful lessons borrowed from those tough-as-nails, yet compassionate, expedition guides:

Guide Others to the Top

Sherpas succeed by helping those around them reach their full potential. The same is 100% true for us as coaches and trainers. Ironically, the more we make it about clients, the more success we enjoy.

Detailed Planning Saves Lives

Sherpas don’t just look up the mountain and say, “Let’s go!” Great guides carefully plot out each step of their attack to ensure a safe ride.

Expect and Prepare for Setbacks

Sherpas routinely deal with unexpected weather, animals, obscured paths, and many other obstacles. Rather than becoming derailed, they build contingency plans and adapt in real-time.

Walk With Your Team

The role of a Sherpa isn’t to lead from afar. Instead, our team “climbs the mountain” right alongside our clients. As a result, trust is built and success is achieved. We can’t ask our clients to jump through fires unless we’re willing to do it too.

Become A Great Listener

To reach the summit, Sherpas must carefully listen on many fronts. We need to truly understand the input from our clients. We also need to rapidly absorb our industry’s research, study the latest advances in our field, and be attentive to feedback from other Sherpas.

Everyone is Family

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

As Seen In

These were my answers when Jean asked, 'What are your goals?' at my initial training session. At the time, there was no Sherpa but the philosophy of moving one's boundaries was there from Day 1. In fact, I followed Jean from facility to facility for 10 years. It has been a journey of constant striving, realistic perspective, and unwavering commitment.


I met Jean almost 3 years ago. This was following a challenging year of chemotherapy treatments and then rehabilitation of a broken ankle that required surgery. After these setbacks, I thought my personal goals of getting back into shape were next to impossible (let alone participating in any athletic events). Originally Jean had committed to helping me train for the CT Challenge 50 mile bike ride. After successful completion, I decided I would like to achieve some other goals including losing weight. Not only did he help me achieve my original weight loss goal, I exceeded it. Now I am in the best shape of my life and am tackling new challenges including recently completing my first triathlon AND my first 1/2 marathon. Jean saw a strength and determination in me that I never knew existed that he has helped me discover along my journey. I am looking forward to working with the Sherpa team to continue Moving My Boundaries!


We started working together immediately for two days a week. From the beginning, we disagreed on how much I could be expected to do. Exercise after exercise was introduced. Each time, I told Milly I couldn't do it. Each time she told me I could. 'You can do it John,' I would hear, repeatedly and unendingly. She was always right. From time to time we revisit stuff from the early days and she reminds me of this.


Training with Jean Paul Desrosiers is amazing. First of all, he motivates me during the session. I work hard for myself and end up working hard for him, too. My goals become his goals and he keeps raising the bar to keep me working toward my goal and beyond. Jean believes in my abilities, even if I begin to doubt myself. I highly recommend Jean Paul Desrosiers if you want to set goals, work hard, and achieve those goals and beyond!

BarbaraSherpa Client

Exercise is the best addiction! Blood flowing, heart racing, dripping sweat, while reaching new physical goals is nirvana. Knowing how to push yourself to that level without encouragement and guidance can seem impossible. That’s why working with Jean at Sherpa has made my goals easier to reach. A leader is someone who acts not reacts, and Jean and Sherpa have acted on my behalf to keep me focused and excited to push to new heights.