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Boulder Training Camps

April 14th – 19th, July 1st – 6th

High altitudes, dry weather and host to one of America’s healthiest communities! No wonder it’s where many professional endurance athletes come to live and train.


Whether you’re preparing for an event or just looking for an immersive week of training, this is the experience either for you or for you and your family! With stunning views, endless roads and trails as well as amazing food and culture, this trip will provide a major “boost” to your physical and mental health. Designed specifically to accommodate individuals or families, this trip to Boulder will appeal to all. Cyclists, runners, and hikers will be treated to daily doses of personally tailored activities. All scheduled activities are conducted between 7:00 – 11:30 AM, offering a range of challenging and diverse routes for daily enjoyment and stimulation. You then have the option to reunite with your friends and/or families for lunch and the afternoon of your choosing.


  • A daily dose of road or mountain cycling ranging in distance and elevation
  • One “queen” stage designed as the most epic challenge of the week
  • 150-250 miles of riding time (range based on ability )
  • A visit to UC Boulder Sports Performance Lab for individual testing
  • All training concluding by 11:30 AM each day
  • The option to meet for lunch with family and friends everyday
  • Enjoyment doing what you love in a spectacular environment


One of the greatest and active getaway destinations in the country - miles of challenging and beautiful terrain, amazing restaurants and a super friendly active community

Jean Paul

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