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Keeping Everyone In Our Family Safe

As we welcome both our team and clients back to Sherpa, our number one priority is keeping everyone safe. We want to detail our policies and protocols while setting expectations for your return. Our plan is based on Connecticut state guidelines, as well as feedback from both staff and clients. We used this input to finalize these specifics intended to protect us all. As always, the focus of our team is keeping clients healthy, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue the work we love moving forward.

Plan Part 1

Each staff will be armed with a CDC recommended disinfectant in a spray bottle to clean up each touched piece of equipment

After every class or training session each staff member will retrace the areas in which their session took place to clean prior to starting their next session

Plan Part 2

Sector Cleaning
Each staff member is assigned a sector in the facility to clean at the end of each morning and afternoon shifts. This will prevent omitting areas in the facility that need attention.

Weekly Cleaning
A professional cleaning crew will detail and clean the facility every Wednesday and Saturday

Staff & Clients

All staff are mandated to be vaccinated.

Mask requirements at Sherpa will mirror all local, state and or federal guidelines.

Training Areas

( capacity includes staff and clients )

6’ Spacing maintained

Main Gym  Max Capacity – 8 Occupants

Studio Gym  Max Capacity – 4 Occupants

Garage Gym  Max Capacity – 10 Occupants

Training Areas

( capacity includes staff & clients )

6ft Spacing maintained

Garage Gym Max Capacity – 10 Occupants

Outdoor Area  Max Capacity – 12 Occupants


Do you have an appointment?

Do you have any symptoms?

Have you had contact with anyone who is symptomatic?

Staff member takes client’s temperature with infrared

Staff member and client use hand sanitizer prior to entry


Central air conditioning system has been maximized to increase the percentage of outside air circulating into the facility

Ceiling fans will be adjusted so air circulates upwards or turned off

CO² Monitoring to maintain a level <700 ppm at all times

Distancing Markers

Spacing sessions across all available designated training areas

Staff will guide sessions to ensure safe distancing is maintained

Gridded floors act as visual cues increasing 6ft spatial awareness

Equipment has been reorganized to accommodate 6ft distancing


Independent bathrooms and showers may be used but will be attended and sanitized after each use

Hand and shower towels provided. Clients will be required to place all used towels directly into washing machine after use

Entry & Exit

There are dedicated entry and exits to allow fo one-way foot traffic eliminating door congestion

Multiple doorways allow for increased ventilation as well


Made available prior to entry and throughout the facility and restrooms


6:1 Cohort:Coach

Classes are held while adhering to max occupancy per training area

Building personal cohorts for classes is encouraged

All classes are followed by a thorough cleaning before the next class begins

Contact us to learn more about training while under COVID guidances Get Started
Additional information about phase 2 "Reopen Connecticut" guidance can be found here