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Outdoor Cycling

Get outside and apply your cycling skills and techniques.

With all the beautiful local roads and terrain near Sherpa you’re going to love our outdoor cycling options. There’s something for everyone. We’ll safely lead you though amazing roads you most likely never knew existed. If you’re a beginner, we have patient instructors ready to assist you in becoming more comfortable and confident handling the outdoor environment. Once your comfortable on your own, the next step is integrating into small group of 8 or less. Our daily small group instruction teaches you critical skills you need to safely and enjoyably ride in group rides.

Our Saturday morning group ride is growing in popularity. Open to the public and to all ability levels, expect to see 40+ riders on the most beautiful days. We have both a “drop” A Ride (18-20mph average ) and a “no drop” B Ride (16-18mph average). The B Ride forms when riders riding at A level fall behind or get “dropped” and are then absorbed by the B group riding the same course. The B Ride is lead and organized by a competent volunteer who’s role is maintaining the defined pace of 16-18mph. It’s in every ones best interest to stay assembled in this group unless of course you want to try bridging back up to the A Ride.

cycling-iconPersonal or Semi-Personal Ride

Personal or semi-personal rides are dedicated sessions where an instructor trains one or two riders at a time. The session is planned based on the rider(s) goals and ability level.

groupPersonal Group Ride

Do you have a group of 4 or more that you’d like us to cater to? We’ll listen to your objectives and design a ride that specifically meets your needs. Personal group rides are great for corporate team building outings, social rides with friends, or weekend destinations. Nothing is out of reach with this option.

group-cycle-iconSmall Group Ride

Daily rides that leave from Sherpa. These classes are listed on the class schedule which are booked online similarly to our indoor classes. Small group rides are based on current ability level to ensure the curriculum of the ride matches the proficiently of the group. Check with us to see what call works best for you.

calendarSaturday Group Ride

Open to the public, Saturday Group Rides are the essence of why we enjoy cycling. Depending on the season, we leave Sherpa between 6:45-7:15am to complete a 45 mile ride through some of the best roads Fairfield County has to offer.

Saturday Group Ride

Join us each Saturday for a 45 mile ride through Fairfield County. View our route below.