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Strength Training for the Endurance Obsessed

Get strong, get balanced and get fast.

Sherpa’s strength training for cyclists, runners and endurance athletes is an excellent way to regain and rebuild strength and balance lost from excessive endurance training and racing miles. Indulge in thoughtful offseason training program focusing on specific neglected areas with movement, progressions and techniques to build usable strength and promote injury prevention.

To ensure that your ability level is accommodated, the first four weeks of this program are dedicated to building sound mechanics and developing foundational movement patterns. From there, two groups will be formed to address the strength and needs of each individual by placing them with others of similar ability.

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weight-iconCycling Strength Circuits

Strength group training circuits take you through a challenging series of exercises designed specifically to target different muscle groups, elevate your heart rate and fatigue your muscles.

cycling-iconCycling Core Training

The main goal is to create a stronger support system for your prime movers while cycling. The stronger your assistance muscles and core are, the less fatigue you’ll experience late in a race or ride, additionally, the more potential you will have for increasing power output.

cycling-iconCycling Strength Training

The primary focus when it comes to strength exercises for cyclists is to train in a similar motion to cycling with lower and upper body, while increasing overall core strength and muscular endurance.

tri-iconTriathlon Strength Training

Build endurance in the pool, on your bike, and in your running shoes. Build strength in the weight room.