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Personal Training

Reach your goals through tailored experiences

With Personal Training at Sherpa, we don’t just focus on helping a client lose five pounds or building muscle. We also look back at the journey each client has taken to arrive at his or her current status and we laser-focus in on the objectives each client hopes to achieve.

Personal Trainer in Westport, Connecticut

Personal Training can occur in many forms; in the gym using the latest equipment; on local roads and trails while on a bike or in running shoes; on paths winding through scenic preserves and parks; on racquet courts; in local swimming spots; at rock climbing locations; or virtually anywhere. No matter where the personal training takes place, a skilled member of the Sherpa team will provide the leadership and guidance needed to help our clients achieve physical and psychological success. Semi-Private and half hour personal training sessions are also options to accommodate your time and financial goals.

Strength & Conditioning

This form of personal training improves muscular strength by gradually increasing your ability to resist force through the use of free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, bands, etc. Sessions are designed to impose increasingly greater resistance to movement. This stimulates the development of new muscle strength to meet the added demand.

High School/Collegiate Sports

This form of personal training takes the skills and movements needed by the athlete on the field, court, track, etc., and simulates them in the weight room. The intent is to improve the strength, speed, power, explosiveness and/or efficiency of those movements so that the athlete can better perform them during competition.

Post Rehab Transition

We close the gap between your physical therapy program and your return to your pre-injury condition (and beyond). Our experience in clinical, physical therapy, and university settings enables our staff to work in liaison with your doctors and therapists to make this transition seamless.


Core, balance and agility training improves stability by focusing on the core muscles. It also uses a range of specialized techniques to improve the physical balance and agility systems.