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Beyond Training

If you’re not assessing your guessing.

Training is the most widely recognizable way to achieve objectives but it involves more than just throwing on sneakers and getting started. If your endpoint is unfamiliar, and you are unprepared for the journey, you may wander aimlessly and never find your way to your goal. Training will certainly occupy the majority of your time but there are other components that you’ll want to address if you’re serious about achieving your objectives and arriving at your endpoint safely.


When you become a Sherpa client, our staff will conduct a detailed consultation with you. You’ll also fill out a questionnaire to help us get to know you. This initial intake process is crucial because it will enable your coach to properly evaluate your athletic history and develop the right approach for you. Your training experience, current fitness level, past race results, and future goals will be analyzed in concert with your lifestyle, realistic time constraints, and overall motivation.

Race Strategies

Why sacrifice your valuable time and pour significant energy and focus into your training to then show up on race day without a plan? Your Sherpa coach will give you the valuable strategies you need to achieve your best results. Advice on pre-race nutrition, warm-up routines, starting pace, competitive strategies, staying well fueled, and finishing strong will be provided to help you reap the benefits of all your training. Remember that great races are achieved years before the gun goes off.

Training Blocks

A successful training plan is one composed of specific goals for each season. To achieve those goals, each workout must also have a specific purpose. With each prescribed Sherpa training session, you will know the aim of that day’s session. Sessions will contain specific requirements regarding time, distance, pacing and heart rate. Notes on technique and focus will often be included to help maximize impact and results. Sherpa coaching takes the guesswork out of these variables. Your responsibilities will be to work hard, remain consistent, and maintain a training log. The log will help your coach determine the modifications and adjustments that may be necessary along the way.

Group Sessions

Sherpa has a strong desire to focus on local athletes and to facilitate camaraderie among them during training and racing. Though training solo can help you focus on specifics, there’s also value in attending group sessions. Group sessions can help you build relationships, inspire those with less experience, and gain motivation from those who have accomplished a great deal in their racing. When possible, Sherpa staff members are present. Online coaching services can’t offer you this kind of personal touch. When possible, Sherpa staff members are present.