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Feel the excitement by simply pinning on a bib number.

If racing and competing is your passion, look no further. We have all the tools and tips to support your athletic endeavors. With professional coaches at the helm leading a community of cyclists and triathletes, you’ll find transitioning into our performance program at Sherpa a breeze. Sherpa is an “open-armed” community welcoming all ability levels and athletes that are interested in focusing their attention on competition.


Challenge yourself against the clock by testing the waters with a local sprint or diving all the way in with an Ironman. Regardless of your experience or interests, we’ll share your goals and make certain you arrive at the finish line to claim your prize.

hill-climbHill Climbing

If climbing a peak on two wheels excites you, there are plenty of regional hill climb races in which to focus your training. With 10 races, including Mt Washington, all within driving distance from Westport, you’ll be able to test your fitness against the clock and of course…the mountain. No qualifications or prerequisites necessary.

groupMasters Racing

Criterium, road races, stage races, elbow-to-elbow, teamwork – What’s not love? Our Masters Program is growing and we’re always looking for more teammates. You don’t necessarily need to be a seasoned rider to join, just someone interested in exploring the hard work and thrill of what the pros at the Tour de France experience.

stopwatchTime Trials

You vs. Clock. A race where complete discipline, focus and attention to detail is necessary to achieve the most from your training and fitness. Every detail should be accounted for including your equipment; from helmet to wheels.