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Our Services

Enhance your quality of life. Customize a program that works for you and move your boundaries.

We’ll help you navigate the right combination of training and nutrition to achieve the results you desire. The most important reason we engage in a training program is to enhance our quality of life. Quality of life consists of two components: physical and psychological. The physical aspect includes health, diet, and protection against pain and disease. The psychological aspect includes stress, worry, pleasure, and other positive or negative emotional states. One can assume that an individual with an above average level of health and a good diet will have a better overall quality of life.

Sherpa believes in helping its clients advance their quality of life through exploration of new activities and services that will ultimately improve nutrition, increase physical conditioning, and offer exposure to new and exciting experiences.

Our services will get you ready to feel amazing, look incredible and be more efficient in your training.

At Sherpa, private training attention is focused on experiences that have taken clients to where they currently are in their lives and what their future objectives are.

There is a unique experience we take away from working out within a group and at Sherpa we help create that.

Taking your training seriously requires a steady focus on nutrition, recovery and periodic testing, Training all by itself is only part of your journey.

No matter your current level of fitness, proper coaching and training will not only help you improve your fitness and racing skills, but will enable you to gain a deeper sense of accomplishment from your efforts.

The Cycling Program at Sherpa is about getting fit, getting faster, and feeling accomplished. If you’re a seasoned “spinner”, Strava cyclist or avid racer we have the program just for you.

Take running more seriously than simply throwing on your shoes and pounding the pavement. We’ll translate the latest research and techniques into quality instruction and coaching providing deeper value to the sport you’ve come to love (and hate).

Learn the art of balancing three sports: swim bike and run. If you need to master the technicality of swimming, the discipline of biking or the proper way to run efficiently we will get you there.