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Triathlon Program

We will develop a personalized plan that propels you forward.

Are your interests spread over multiple disciplines? Sherpa’s triathlon program focuses on pushing your boundaries while further developing your current skill sets. Utilizing the off-season, our state of the art indoor facility, Staples High School track and the Westport YMCA, will allow you to train with Sherpa year-round.
If you are looking for comradeship and group workouts, following our Generalized Program will suit you well. Our monthly training program will prepare you for a race in the summer months. If you have loftier triathlon goals such as looking to improve times, performance or conquer a long-distance then, our Individualized Coaching Program will be the right fit. Work extensively with our triathlon coach to create a balanced training program that keeps your specific goals in mind. We also cater to those looking for small group training. If you have a group wanting specific coaching for swim instruction, a track workout, or hill repeats on the bike, let us know and we will be happy to customize a program that meets your group’s needs.

Follow an incremental schedule geared toward beginners who want to peak in the summer months for a triathlon. This is a non-coached program, but all sessions are done in a group setting. See more information below.

One-on-one coaching includes setting-up training zones, race fuel planning and restorative techniques. It also includes instructions on how to perform swim, bike, tests and how to set-up your training zones, the foundation of all your training.

Not looking for individualized coaching but want guidance in specific disciplines? Try our á la carte service. Pick and choose what you would like to focus on to get you to your goal. Reach out to us for a personalized consultation!

The correct wheel weight and size is paramount to a great ride. Our rental program allows you to find the best setup at your own pace and without the pressure to buy.