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We work with all

fitness levels

to achieve your goals.

Sherpa serves the entire spectrum of clients, most of whom live locally. No goal is too big or too small to fit within our approach. We handle each case with the same ethos – your goals are our goals. We refer to all of our clients on a first name basis, and new clients will quickly become a part of our Sherpa family community.

Weight Management

Who couldn’t loose a few extra pounds? Whether its a lot or a little and regardless of age, most of Sherpa’s clients have this goal.

General Fitness

Feeling great every day is something we all strive for. A well rounded approach to fitness helps accomplish that.


Cycling is a growing trend in our area. Wether cycling for you is a family activity, a passionate sport, riding for a charitable cause or perhaps a fun vacation, our community of all abilities coexist in a friendly and healthy environment.


One of the more convenient options for exercise. Our running program addresses first timers to seasoned marathoner to kids training for a sport or their first 5k.

High School Sports

Middle and high school sports are more competitive than ever. Our Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists are perfectly suited to safely develop young kids into well rounded athletes for any sport.


This multi-disciplined event is a growing community activity. Having a top coach on staff with expertise in every distance ranging from the local Sprint to an international Ironman helps successfully guide our clients to every finish line.

Post Physical Therapy

Having an well rounded athlete with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy on site serves everyone well. We screen all new clients before beginning a program to help prevent injuries foreseen with a proper and detailed movement assessment.

These were my answers when Jean asked, 'What are your goals?' at my initial training session. At the time, there was no Sherpa but the philosophy of moving one's boundaries was there from Day 1. In fact, I followed Jean from facility to facility for 10 years. It has been a journey of constant striving, realistic perspective, and unwavering commitment.


I met Jean almost 3 years ago. This was following a challenging year of chemotherapy treatments and then rehabilitation of a broken ankle that required surgery. After these setbacks, I thought my personal goals of getting back into shape were next to impossible (let alone participating in any athletic events). Originally Jean had committed to helping me train for the CT Challenge 50 mile bike ride. After successful completion, I decided I would like to achieve some other goals including losing weight. Not only did he help me achieve my original weight loss goal, I exceeded it. Now I am in the best shape of my life and am tackling new challenges including recently completing my first triathlon AND my first 1/2 marathon. Jean saw a strength and determination in me that I never knew existed that he has helped me discover along my journey. I am looking forward to working with the Sherpa team to continue Moving My Boundaries!


We started working together immediately for two days a week. From the beginning, we disagreed on how much I could be expected to do. Exercise after exercise was introduced. Each time, I told Milly I couldn't do it. Each time she told me I could. 'You can do it John,' I would hear, repeatedly and unendingly. She was always right. From time to time we revisit stuff from the early days and she reminds me of this.


Training with Jean Paul Desrosiers is amazing. First of all, he motivates me during the session. I work hard for myself and end up working hard for him, too. My goals become his goals and he keeps raising the bar to keep me working toward my goal and beyond. Jean believes in my abilities, even if I begin to doubt myself. I highly recommend Jean Paul Desrosiers if you want to set goals, work hard, and achieve those goals and beyond!

BarbaraSherpa Client

Exercise is the best addiction! Blood flowing, heart racing, dripping sweat, while reaching new physical goals is nirvana. Knowing how to push yourself to that level without encouragement and guidance can seem impossible. That’s why working with Jean at Sherpa has made my goals easier to reach. A leader is someone who acts not reacts, and Jean and Sherpa have acted on my behalf to keep me focused and excited to push to new heights.