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Dear Sherpa Fans,

Over the coming months, you will notice 
a different look for Sherpa, rolling out across everything we do. This is part of what marketers call ‘re-positioning’. Basically that means we are sharpening up our image and the way we communicate what we do and what we believe in – but not changing the inner spirit and personality of the company.

We had a long think about our look, which has served us so well for the past ten years, and realized it was time for a change. Although our core values remain the same, our brand has evolved for the better. Our new branding is strong and powerful, and puts us in a good place to continue growing.

The emphasis is on the people who work for Sherpa, and with you. They make all the difference – true enthusiasts, knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. They’re the guys and gals who will make you want to come back to us, time and again.

Our vision from the outset has always been clear, now we can express it even more clearly. Put simply, we guide our clients to reach their physical goals, whilst expanding personal boundaries, both in mind and body. The Sherpa mindset is one of quiet, calm confidence and trust, preparing the path to help everyone achieve their personal goal: it doesn’t have to be climbing Everest, just looking good for that family wedding or summer vacation, or getting in shape for a local half marathon, peddling a century or maybe a better golf game.

To communicate our purpose and our vision, we created an overall brand thought – ‘Move Your Boundaries’. We believe that anything is possible and that every finish line becomes a new start line.

Our new Sherpa brand identity reinforces the breadth of what we do, including personal training, cycling, running and fitness classes. This visual identity is not just a logo. It is a design scheme bringing together different elements to create an individual look that makes the Sherpa identity instantly recognizable.

The monogram within the roundel can be read in many ways: as a trail, a river, a peak
or a shared journey with the contours of the majestic outdoors – you can choose, just as you can decide how we can best help you. The new typography is dynamic, while the mark itself is more organic and representational of our roots, since so much of our training takes place out in the open air, where the world is our gym.

As Edmund Hillary said, ‘It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves’. This is a new peak in Sherpa’s upward journey. We hope you like it.


Jean Paul Desrosiers Jr

Founder Sherpa LLC