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Saturday Group Rides

aka “SLAMS”

May thru September

A & B Courses: ~40-45 Mile Loop with varying terrain ( Hills, flats, smooth and rough asphalt, quiet and busy roads, stop signs and traffic lights, pace lines and solo attacks ) All abilities welcome.

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A Course – Drop Ride 20mph +
A very challenging loop with 60%more climbing than the B course includes difficult sections leading to many of the climbs. This shares the same outbound route with B and short courses but will split on Center Road. This is a great test for all abilities.
Final Sprint zone marked on Newtown Turnpike


B Course – Non Drop Ride 18mph +
The original loop is now more social. Neutral roll out with conversational pace for the first 6 miles. All abilities should be able to ride at 14-16mph to hang in this group for this initial section.
*Regrouping at restaurant corner of Hattertown Rd and Rt 302.
Final Sprint at the bridge on Lyons Plain

Short B Course – 16-18mph
This course splits at the Poverty Hollow intersection. This shorter course will help reconnect the groups along the Saugatuck Reservoir.

Departs Exit 42 Park & Ride @ 7:00 AM

What I like about the "Slams" is new faces, strong riders and of course the challenge


What To Expect

  • A Course:
    • Attracts a more competitively spirited rider. Come test your fitness!
    • In attendance are those with little to extensive racing experience including former pros
    • All riders should be well versed in group ride safety, hand signals and bike handling
    • Be willing and able to follow all traffic laws while being kind and respectful of the peloton
  • B Course:
    • Attracts a more recreational rider aiming to improve their cycling ability.
    • Less competitive but riders will work together to keep the pace relatively fast
    • Riders who are new to group rides are encouraged to attend. We’re here to help you
    • There is one regrouping section at the halfway point (1-2min wait)
    • Be willing and able to follow all traffic laws while being kind and respectful of the peloton
  • Short “B” Course
    • Short cut the hardest section of the B Course
    • Allows for a potential regrouping with the B Course leaders.

A Course


B Course


Short B Course

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