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What is GSPPwell

It is a customizable program of on-site services, remote coaching and related offerings designed to improve wellness for both mind and body. Included on this page are offerings to support this effort, however please browse our website for additional items that will also support the pursuit to a healthier you.

Wellness Coach or Personal Training

You can choose how to engage in the program; either remotely coached and/or personally trained, high or low intensity, alone and/or in groups, onsite or at home, occasionally or daily… The choice is yours

Supported By Technology

This program is supported by technology, services and equipment that will make it easy to engage and participate. Garmin is our preferred platform however we can work with your current wearable tech device.

Please complete each step individually and entirely before moving to the next.

GSPPwell Options

Personalized Coaching

After a one-on-one consultation, your coach will develop a personalized activity plan and training regimen tailored to meet your needs and to work within the constraints of your life.  Then benefit from continuous virtual coaching & guidance to encourage you to stay ‘on plan’ within your evolving goals and constraints. More information HERE.

Personal Training

ONE-ON-ONE: Be the sole focus of your personal trainer!
TWO-ON-ONE: Bring a friend to join you in your personal training session
SMALL GROUP: Organize a small group 3-5 people) to share a personal training session.

Wearable Technology

Get the most out of your pursuit to a “healthier you”. Improving health outcomes starts by engaging you on your own health journey. These devices are excellent at measuring physical movement through space, they are fun to wear, and they provide opportunities to track progress towards your goals. Start logging your activity HERE

A La Carte Pricing

*Intro Offer:
Buy a single session to try it out.
If you decide to commit to a 10 or 20 pack then the cost of the single session is deducted from the pack price.
One time offer only – subsequent packs are at the regular GSPPwell rate
Prices reflect training onsite at GSPP. Take an additional 10% off if training occurs at Sherpa in Westport, CT or conducted remotely.