Staples Field Hockey Strength & Conditioning Program

Developing kids from freshman, junior varsity, varsity and beyond 

Through science based training we strive to reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance by providing programs for the athletes to succeed in their specific sport. The staff’s programming will promote a competitive environment that will instill passion, work ethic, and team cohesion amongst the athletes. For the student-athletes to excel we ensure that their training environment is safe.

Guiding Principles

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle Strength & Power
  • Progressive Overload Training
  • Specificity in program design
  • Core stability and balance
  • Speed, agility and overall conditioning

Freshman Program

9th graders need to learn how to approach the training needed to compete in a high school setting, e.g., a longer season, higher level skill learning, more conditioning. We try to develop athletes in our freshman programs to learn strength and conditioning techniques and fundamentals to progress injury free.

Four Athletes Per Group : One Coach
Mondays & Thursdays

Group 1 –  3pm

Group 2 –  4pm

Group 3 –  5pm

Health History and Liability Waiver


Junior Varsity Program

It’s all about preparing these athletes for varsity. It can be difficult to predict the outcomes of this group considering the various rates of growth and maturity among high school students. Overall, this level consists of our next most competitive group of athletes. It’s important to note that because we use our JV program to prepare future Varsity athletes, we usually will not include seniors at this level (unless unique circumstance dictates it)

Four Athletes Per Group : One Coach
Tuesdays & Fridays

Group 1 – 3pm

Group 2 – 4:30pm

Group 3  – 5:30pm

Health History and Liability Waiver


Varsity Program

Athletes are selected by coaches who they believe will give the team the best opportunity to compete on any given day. This does not necessarily mean the team consists of the most talented individuals but more likely the most committed and hardest working. This stage is all about winning championships and applying consistency and intensity to stay on the field longer and injury-free.

Four Athletes Per Group : One Coach
Wednesdays & Saturdays

Group 1  – 3pm & 8am

Group 2 – 4pm & 9am

Group 3 – 5pm & 10am

Health History and Liability Waiver