Jimmy first laced up a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement in mid-2010, looking for a new movement-based outlet of personal exploration. “I thought I’d just jog a little bit, get in better shape and move on to another distraction,” he says. It turns out his curiosity and aptitude for learning the newest coaching methods and then applying them to his own training, has taken him from the streets of San Francisco to the top of Mt. Whitney, from the buffed out single-track of the Marin Headlands to the rugged granite of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, and currently to the trap rock ridges of southern Connecticut. He developed a love and passion for running because it had a low barrier of entry, yet required focus and discipline that he felt he clearly lacked. As a result of loving to run, he gained discipline, focus, and perseverance. Jimmy not only became completely committed to running, but also radiated an enthusiasm that surprised even him.

With a background in education, he developed a strong desire to continually learn as much as possible about running, which inadvertently sparked a desire to teach and support others who shared the same interest. Working to earn a certificate through the legendary Jack Daniels and his RunSMART coaching course was no accident.

“Look, I get why people hate running. It’s in those moments where pushing through the discomfort, and sticking with it for just five more minutes is where great change can happen.” That transformation is something which he can influence, because running was the catalyst for his own transformation. If you are interested in tapping into your unknown potential, talk to Jimmy. Let the metamorphosis begin!


Movement Analyst at Sherpa
Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Orthopaedic Certified Specialist
Adjunct Faculty at Sacred Heart University
Cat 3 Road cyclist, 2015 CT criterium state champion