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The Teton Range is a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains of North America. It extends for approximately 40 miles in a north–south direction through Wyoming and east of the Idaho state line. Ascend the beautiful peak of Middle Teton via Southwest Couloir without the technical baggage of tackling the Grand Teton.


Climbing Middle Teton vis Southwest Couloir is the most popular route choice for a successful summit. The route follows the same trails as the Grand until around 8000’ where we split at Garnet Canyon. You’ll have an overnight mountaineering experience without the need of high-level technical knowledge or excessive gear, while still accessing stunning views, enjoying a tough, physical challenge and leaving with amazing stories. You will be required to be in good physical shape in order to sustain two days of hiking as well as to navigate both boulder and snow fields, all while carrying 25-30lbs of food, water and gear.


  • Summit 12,804’ of the amazing Middle Teton
  • Class 3-4 difficulty with ice axe and crampons required
  • Two long but exhilarating days of trekking in the Teton National Park
  • Camping at 10,000 feet with views of the Milky Way on clear nights
  • Transportation to and from the Lupine Meadows Trail Head
  • Most gear that you don’t own can be rented.
  • Ample time before and after the hike to enjoy Jackson
  • An optional Whitewater Day on the Snake River
  • Great restaurants, mountain culture and amazing weather


Teton trip was a great experience and perfect opportunity to venture out from my normal routine and challenge myself with an awesome group of like minded people, looking forward to the next adventure!

Michelle R.

Definitely would do the Jackson Hole Teton climbing trip again. The climb was challenging, we navigated large boulder fields, traversed snow fields and the final ascent was like scaling a rock spire. The whitewater rafting trip that Jean booked us on was also pretty epic. The views and scenery in the park are second to none. And downtown Jackson has some great restaurants to hit during the downtime.

Jamie Conopask

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