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The Coast Ride, CA

MLK Weekend January 2020

With year round great weather, legendary scenery and endless choices of terrain, The Golden State is a premiere destination.


  • While the Northeast is bundled up and hunkered down this winter choose to ride down the scenic coast of California in the more moderate temps of the West Coast.
  • The Coast Ride is still a grassroots event attended mostly by west coast locals. For East Coasters, having the logistics tied up prior to the event is instrumental to enjoying all this ride has to offer. In 2019, we’ve organized the logistics that will be most important to making this experience just about the training and riding. If you are looking for a mid off-season goal for next year, this is a perfect option.
  • Option 1 – The Full Monty: This is a challenging 390 miles of cycling over 3 days down the coast from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.
  • Option 2 -The Half Monty: Want to join but not ready for the full distance? Half Day Option available: we’ll organize pick up options at the half way point each day.
    • Experience all the same views and thrills this ride has to offer but with a planned exit at the half way lunch stop each day.
    • Availability is limited and only available to those pre-registraring for this option in advanced
    • Sherpa Sag Van will advance rider, gear and bike each day.


  • We’ll organize the logistics ( minus flight ). You simply show up and ride.
  • That riding along the coast is not flat. There is climbing involved.
  • To prepare early – a properly executed winter training plan is a must
  • To be blown away by the scenery. It is beautiful.
  • To that riding and socializing with other riders (pros, national champs and the best bike teams on the west coast) is a blast.
  • That the beer and food at the end of each day is SO GOOD!


An amazing event to stay completely engaged with training thru the winter. Loved testing the local talent with all my east coast friends!

Jean Paul

There are very few ways to kick off the year with as memorable a ride! Only do it if you want to be better rider and person... or you can stay inside and watch tv while (not) enjoying the Northeast winter

John Daut

Possibly the best experience I’ve ever had on a bike. Three days with great people riding some of the most beautiful roads in the world. (And feeling fitter on day three than on day one!)

Paul Parton

Full Monty Register Link:

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Half Monty Register Link

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*Want to join but not ready for the full distance? Half Day Options available: we’ll organize pick up options at the half way point each day.